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Financial Assistance Funding - Grants & Loans

Site Cleanup Subaccount Program

The Site Cleanup Subaccount Program (SCAP) is a funding program established by Senate Bill (SB) 445 (Hill, 2014), allowing the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) to issue grants for projects that remediate the harm or threat of harm to human health, safety, or the environment caused by existing or threatened surface water or groundwater contamination.

Please familiarize yourself with the content on this page before contacting us about your project.

Site Cleanup Subaccount Program Details

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants with eligible projects

Eligible Projects

  • Remediate the harm or threat of harm to human health, safety, and the environment from surface water or groundwater contamination
  • Human-made contaminants
  • A regulatory agency has issued a directive (unless this is infeasible)
  • The responsible party lacks financial resources
  • Projects may include site characterization, source identification, or implementation of cleanup


  • Significant threat to human health or the environment
  • Disadvantaged or small community impact
  • Cost and environmental benefit of project
  • Lack of availability of other sources of funds
  • Other State Water Board considerations

Funding Limits

  • There are no funding request limits
  • There is no cost match required

Funding Mechanisms

  • Grants and contracts approved by the Deputy Director
  • Continuous Pre-Application process – no deadlines

Program Funding

  • Annual appropriations of $19.5 million

What's New!


Applying for Groundwater Quality Funding: Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool (FAAST)

To apply for the Site Cleanup Subaccount Program, applicants must fill out a Groundwater Quality Funding Program Pre-Application via FAAST (see the link provided below). FAAST allows users to apply for many funding programs that are available through the State Water Board; Proposition 1 Groundwater Sustainability and the Site Cleanup Subaccount Program use the same Pre-Application. Program staff will review all submitted Groundwater Quality Funding Program Pre-Applications and evaluate potential program eligibility. Before starting your Pre-Application, browse through the links provided on this page. Pre-Application instructions and a sample Pre-Application provide specific information about the information we request. The more complete and specific the information in the Pre-Application is, the better – it means our staff can start reviewing your project right away. Please note that there is no deadline for submitting a Pre-Application, and no Final Application, for SCAP.


Program Updates are sent via Email Announcements

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Contact Information

Email: gwquality.funding@waterboards.ca.gov
Subject Line: SCAP
Phone: (800) 813-FUND (3863)